Big Winter Storms and Swells

La Push 22ft @ 12sec. waves closing out the bay.

It’s possibly the most exciting time of the year, if you’re a fan of weather and the power of Mother Nature (or Poseidon). There’s some serious energy getting stirred up out in the North East Pacific – and rolling into the Northwest coast. These systems send the biggest waves of the year, and pound the mountains as the storm systems roll inland.

Yesterday (12/17/12) a massive swell landed on the coast. At noon, 18-23 foot swell heights were recorded on the Washington and Oregon buoys. Winds were also relentless, the whole Northwest coastline had west winds sustained at 20-30 kts, with Destruction Island recording 38 kts and a gust of 42 kts at noon. The ocean was roaring and whipping it’s tail.

There’s a lot more on the way – check the surf report. Here’s some highlights from yesterdays buoys and webcams.

La Push backlit and churning.

How big does that look? Is 23ft big?

Oceanside Oregon swells breaking way, way outside.

Westport getting hammered from every angle.

Groins showing the swell, lighting it up.

Take a look for yourself, it’s the best time of the year to see and feel the power.
La Push Washington surfcam
Oceanside Oregon surfcam
Westport Washington surfcam – The Groins

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