The Hunt Begins

We’re not going to drop anything verging on secret here, spots listed here are widely known and many have surf shops nearby and local shapers. Respect fellow surfers, the coast, and we can all share some waves.

Surfing in the Pacific Northwest

If you’re just getting into the sport, there are plenty of good places to learn. Seattle surfers or Portland surfers can get into some waves on a day trip. Stick to the mainstream established spots until you are comfortable and proficient in the water. In Washington, Westport should be your first introduction to the scene. Find surf shops in town that can supply gear and give you some advice on local conditions. For Oregon surfing, you have more options – and more surf shops close to the ocean. You’ll find other surfers learning on the inside of Short Sands in summertime – and good towns for advice and direction would be Seaside, Canon Beach and Lincoln City.

Summertime is best for learning as the waves are usually mellow, although the water temperature is still cold. You’ll want a 5/4/3mm wetsuit standard in the Northwest. Keep your feet warm with 5 or 7mm booties. Gloves are optional – but most people wear 3mm gloves in the wintertime. Remember the ocean is a dynamic place and conditions can change fast – stay within your comfort level and in control. Hope you score waves.